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Enabling Indie Games Developers to Reach Their Audience

Our primary goal at Extra Turn is to enable indie developers to reach, engage and build audience. We want to help you get to your 1000 true fans so you can continue making games.

Easily Publish Your Game

Publishing your game with Extra Turn is quick and easy, all you need to do is submit the details of your game along with your game binaries

Access Your Audience

Extra Turn gives you direct access to the gamers who actually play your games. Allowing you to engage them, keep them up-to-date and let them know about your new/future games

Earn as Gamers Play

You earn money as gamers play your game. We split all revenue with you with a 70/30 split, where you take 70% of the revenue.

Unlike other services which pool the money together and distribute based on playtime across the entire gamer-base we calculate payouts on a per gamer basis, so you get paid from gamers who are playing your game. This results in a much fairer model whilst at the same time reducing abuse.

No Purchasing Barrier

Traditionally when gamers wanted to try your game they would have to get past the purchasing barrier, where they would have to ask themselves:

  • Is this game worth the price?
  • Can I trust the developer?
  • Will I enjoy this type of game?
  • Will I get my money worth?

Extra Turn removes all these questions and just leaves the gamer with just one; does this game look fun?

No Monetization Woes

You'll no longer need to worry about monetization allowing you to concentrate on creating a great game with great content.

Got a great idea to add to your existing game? Don't stress about how your gamers will pay for it, just add it and you'll get paid as gamers play it!

Better Early Access

Allow gamers to play your game whilst it is still being developed and earn money along the way.

Avoid gamers feeling burnt because things aren't progressing fast enough, the game has changed, or they have hit a few bugs. If they are unhappy they can just play another game without any additional expense and come back to your game later.

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